Jamal Shaheed

About Me

Get to know me

Hi! My name is Jamal Shaheed. I am a Cyber Security student who enjoys the art of tinkering with software until it breaks. I can be found attacking my own servers with the latest exploit in my Homelab or figuring out why Windows 10 is throwing that vague error message. Ive always been interested in the security and networking side of things, from the different kinds of encryption standards to how botnets pummel web servers. As a recent graduate I am eager to apply my skills into the "real world" in order to gain experience you just don't get through studying. When I am not trying to break into my own network using some niche and convoluted exploit I found cool, I can be seen binging TV shows on Netflix or getting thrashed by other people on Rainbow Six Siege.


What I bring to the table
  • IT Support

    I have performed many installations and provided ongoing support for a variety of hardware and software. I can effectively explain issues and offer suitable solutions to a range of people with varying technical knowledge, either in person, written or over the phone.

  • Communication

    Working in customer service has enabled me to develop excellent communication skills both verbal and written. I have a lot of experience communicating with people with varying personalities and successfully communicate with colleagues as part of a team to ensure clients receive the best possible service.

  • Cyber Security

    Cyber Security is what drew me to this industry, so I enjoy all aspects of it. I have a keen sense in thinking like an attacker to secure possible targets, from host hardening to detecting attacks through network and system monitoring. I also excel at the more people based side of Cyber Security, such as interacting with stakeholders to produce the best solution or explaining good security practices to a user.

  • Networking

    I have always enjoyed the networking side of this industry, so I understand the need for a fast, secure and reliable network to a client or an organisation. I have an intermediate knowledge of creating and supporting small to medium sized networks. I am very familiar with the function and implementation of concepts like DNS, DHCP, routing, monitoring and firewalls.

  • System Administration

    I have always been more of the backend guy, from providing resources using solutions like Chef and Ainsible, to getting elbow deep in configuration files (looking at you Xorg) so the rest of my team can continue working. I have installed and configured many different services and operating systems, dealing with all the work others may want to avoid like patching, troubleshooting and hardening said systems.

  • Programming Languages

    I am experienced with a range of programming languages, the main choice being Python due to its flexibility and forgiving syntax. Saying this I am not bound to a single tool when the situation requires it, for example using C/C++ when raw speed or memory manipulation is required. I am familiar with most commonly used languages such as PHP, JS, Java and C# just to name a few.